The Process: What Happens and When


Firstly, you’ll get a big thank you for your order! It is important that you are happy throughout; from now, reading this, to hanging your portrait on the wall. I want you to be thrilled by the experience and delighted by the results. If you’re not, I’ll need to understand why so I can put right the errors and ensure I don’t make the mistakes again.


We’ll have a chat about what you want, about your dog(s) and how to get the best portraits possible. For outdoor shoots, this is the time to start thinking about where you’d like to do it and what factors may influence your decision. For indoor studio style shots, we need to be sure your dog(s) will cope with the lights and if you can accommodate the space. Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to pay for the session.

If the set photo-shoot packages don’t suit you, then we can tweak them to suit and agree the prices.


Then we need to decide on when to do the photo-shoot. This can be weather dependent, if outdoors. Generally, unless it’s heavy rain, we can carry on, but if your dog isn’t happy then we can rearrange. Very bright days can be as much of a problem as bad weather, so that has to be considered also.

See the Frequently Asked Questions regarding when to do the photo-shoots.


On the day, I’ll visit your home or meet you at the start of your walk. Getting your dogs used to me and the camera is paramount, so we’ll take some time to get to know each other. This gives me a chance to see what approach will get the best results. From there, we walk, I click away on the camera.

We will incorporate some activities appropriate for your dog to get a good mix of images. We’ll have talked about this at stage 2.


After the photo-shoot I will process the images and add them to the client area of the A Dog’s Life Photography website. I will send you a username and password and within will be album of your images for you to browse at your leisure. It’s very intuitive; you can select your favourite images for printing and I will be able to see what you would like.

You can choose from the Print Packs or buy bespoke sizes, if you’d prefer. Once you know what you’d like, you’ll be asked to pay for them.


Those images you chose for printing will be edited and sent to you as a proof, to ensure you are completely happy with them. This usually takes no more than a working day. Once you have confirmed that the images are what you expected, I will then arrange for them to be professionally printed. This usually takes no more than a week. We can then arrange delivery or collection.